Monday, March 2, 2009

A Change Is Coming On...

Just to let you know, I am an impatient person. Enormously impatient. Perhaps I should give it more time but this blog thing is simply not working the way I hoped. I expected people clamoring to my page, begging for more freebies and toasting my incredible creative abilities. Not as if that’s a lot to ask. It just doesn’t appear as if that is going to happen anytime soon so I’m changing my approach. There will still be freebies and goodies but a tad more at random. I’ve been up to my arse trying to finish kits that I have been neglecting so many other activities I love. Actually creating layouts, spending time snapping photos, exercising, etc. So, that’s the deal. Come as you are, stay as long as you like, take what you want and leave me a bit of loving.

Last night I finished reading “Such A Pretty Fat” by Jen Lancaster, totally LOVED it. I may have mentioned her a time or two before, I adore her sense of humor. Mammoth sarcasm tangling with cleverness and wit. Such a magnificent mixture. ‘Pretty Fat’ depicts her pilgrimage from fat to fit, her failures and her ultimate triumph. Not only did I eat up every single page (pun intended), something miraculous happened, I became inspired. After ignoring my bulk for the past year, it was time. One can only convince themselves for so long that the reason their knickers kept slipping down was not from losing a few pounds but simply because my gut had gotten so massive there was nowhere else for my panties to go but down. Time to face facts. I am fat. I am beyond plump, fleshy, chubby or flabby. I am obese. I don’t have a ‘couple of pounds’ to lose, I have double digits to dump. It’s not as if I didn’t realize how extreme I am, I am a somewhat intelligent person, but there was always tomorrow. I would diet tomorrow. I would exercise tomorrow. It would all be better (say it with me) tomorrow. Only, tomorrow came and went and none of it ever happened. I didn’t magically get thinner or fitter or happier and I only felt worse. Therefore, I am on my own weight-lose-get-fit-and-healthier mission.

I started walking on Friday, a mile and a half in the morning and a mile and a half in the evening. I feel good about it, I feel good I can even walk a mile and a half in the first place. Go me! Hence, feeling strong and invincible, I started out this morning, armed with my camera and a baggie of bread for the birds, at 7:30 raring to go. Yes, my legs are sore and extremely heavy, I cheerfully plod along anyway. I’m doing it. Four days of walking, six miles total, I’m doing it. I’m not even a 10 minutes into my walk when I feel a drop. Not sure whether it was rain or bird poo, I was hoping for the latter. Another drop and another and another. It’s raining, well, morning like a drizzle. No way am I giving into a sprinkling of water. I’m sure not going to melt. I stuck my camera under my shirt and trudged forward. I hit the halfway mark looking somewhat like a Dalmatian, the one with only a few spots. I feel my pace quicken as the drops fall faster and faster but I’m still contented, I rather like walking in the rain. Some of my favorite memories come from spending time in the rain with others. Tooling along, listening to my thighs scream obscenities even I’ve never uttered, when it dawns on me I’m walking next to a metal fence in an open field. What if I get struck by lightning? Although I have never been hit by lightning, I’ve never known anyone hit by lightning, this thought becomes a possibility in my mind. Preparing myself, I scan the sky for any hint of a strike, as if an over-weight-out-of –shape-50-plus-year-old-woman could dodge a bolt if I spot it coming. Aw delusion, thy name is me. With nearly a third left to go, I work on convincing myself God wouldn’t strike me down when I’m trying so hard to get back in shape. And didn’t I bring the birds a few stale hot dog buns for their consumption? That’s gotta count for something. I probably should have picked up that Starbucks cup that wasn’t mine (I always go to Coffee Bean and I never litter), I promise to bring a bag and pick up trash on my next walk. Who would take care of my three children? I know they’re all grown up and two have moved out of the nest but they still need me. Believe me, they are always calling for advice and/or help. And my pets, no one takes care of them the way I do. They would miss me more than my kids. And I just refilled my prescriptions and they’re expensive. I haven’t even seen Slum Dog Millionaire yet. I wonder if being hit by lightning would leave my hair in that weird curliness that happens when hair is singed with a cigarette. Not a good look for me.

As you can see, I made it back with no incident of scorching. My body is in pain from the abnormal amount of movement it’s been experiencing but it’s well earned soreness. Day 4, YaY for me.

Last night I finished a layout for Brownie Scraps a fun little forum I found. Adorable forum with friendly posters and fun challenges. This page was created with a supplied kit.

This is my oldest son, isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? He has the most incredible deep brown eyes. I snapped up tons of photos while he was visiting Saturday, it’s like pulling teeth to get these boys to sit for a few pics.

This is one of the reasons I love living here. Nature at every turn. I’m not sure if this is a crane or a heron but they’re usually paired up, a white and this grey one. I love watching the way they walk, with the heads pushing forward and then back.

Okies, I'm outta here for awhile.

Love you bunches.
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Jo on March 3, 2009 at 8:51 AM said...

Yeah, I'm not quite sure about how to advertise to bring people here. One thing that might work is when you post a layout in the gallery made with one of your freebies, where it says "link to kit" put your blog addy. Or you could mention in the details section "This was made with one of my freebies: 'blog link'"

You might also want to think about getting together a low key CT for your freebies, until you start selling your stuff, then you could transfer it into a regular one.

I think random freebies is good though. I look forward to seeing what you're coming out with next. I'm in the midst of doing a layout with your RD You Broke My Heart kit. I'll post a link to it when I'm done.