Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Scrappers Work Is Never Done..

Brrrrrr, it’s cold this morning. The weatherman is threatening us with rain which is totally cool with me because I love nothing better than to climb back into bed on a wet afternoon snuggle under my comforter with a cup of hot chocolate, a few cookies and my book. Maybe I should bake some chocolate peanut butter cookies just in case. I know the boys will be thrilled with the goodies seeing as it’s been awhile since I’ve baked anything other than chicken. I need to be in the mood for baking and I just haven’t been in that place lately. Perhaps it’s because I have both boys living back at home, not to mention their father, and these boys are so messy. After a constant influx of testosterone and wading through hip high trash (okay, perhaps I’m embellishing a tad), one of the very last things I feel like doing is breaking out the bowls and get to baking. We’ll see, I guess I could toss in a pan of brownies. Chocolate sounds so yum right now.

I’ve spent the morning fixing my goodies. Revamping my kit, fixing the LO I finished yesterday. I was so unhappy with the LO, that it weighed on my mind until I finally redid it. Part of my problem in life stems from the fact I am a perfectionist. It truly drives me nuts. The simplest task takes me at least twice as long as it should because everything needs to be exactly right. I bet I have 6 nearly finished kits just waiting for the final touch. They weren’t ‘right’ enough. And to think I’m better now, hard to believe I was so much worse. But, I did fix the LO and the kit. I’ll try to upload the links today. And a super duper thank you for Jo and Cassie and Spooky for all your wonderful feedback and help. You’re da bomb. ::muah:: (I so used to hate that kissy thing back when I actually did chatrooms, long long ago).

This is the first one I did but I just didn't like it. So I did this one..

I like this one much better.

And Because I love ya'll so very much, I have another free goodie for you.

It matches my 'Heard It In A Love Song' Kit (if I ever get that re-uploaded). Hope you can use it.
Download HERE

I'm going to try to load the kit back and my 365 photos.
Wish me luck.
( =