Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WTH Wednesday.

It is soooooooooooooo cold here! 38-ish degrees, believe me, that is cold for south Cali. If I didn't have things to do today, I would take my chilly butt back to bed. But, alas, I can not. I'm waiting for the mailperson to deliver my camera. The little shit (pardon my potty mouth) simple dropped a 'we missed you' notice in my box yesterday without even bothering to come to the door. I have been so anxiously awaiting this package and here it was within 25 feet of me without me even getting a chance to get my hands on it. How annoying is that? But I'll show him/her, I'm going to be on the look out this morning. No way I'm going to let it get away another day.

I don't know if ya'll are familiar with **Wacom Pen Scrappers**, they hold a contest for a Bamboo and I entered the contest. YaY me!! I'm always afraid to enter anything or even to join a new forum because I just don't think my pages are good enough. Long psychological issue for another time. But, this year one of my 'can do's' (borrowed the term from Kate Hudson) is to be braver, have more confidence, try new things and, sometimes, just leap. Okay, so maybe that's actually 4 things, perhaps I should add 'study math' to the list. So, if you have a moment, pop over to 'My Page'. If you do, I promise to repay the vote when you need one. If you do it every single day until January 31st, I pledge my undying affection. ( =

Here is the page I submitted..

and this is the LO I finished for a scraplift at DFF..

I'm not overly happy with them. I've been trying something new, filling the page whereas I usually scrap very simply. I'm trying to do things differently to see if I like them. Not so sure. Ya never know unless you try, right?

Well, I'm off to get a few things done.
( =