Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy WTF Friday!

Happy Friday!

I have decided to call this WTF Friday. I rarely bring up events in the RW (real world). We all hear the news; most of us come here to escape the atrocities so why dwell on it. But, this story has irked me beyond normality. The woman in California who just gave birth to 8 babies has 6 children at home already. WTF!! I have to admit, this annoys the crap out of me.

My first WTF ~ why does a woman who has 6 children need fertility treatments? She doesn’t. She has 6 children, more than enough for most people. STOP already. Let another woman have a chance.

My second WTF ~ what doctor in their right mind who in-vitro a mother of 6 with 8 embryos without demanding counseling? Now, I am assuming (and we all know what that means) the mother was not counseled, perhaps she was, but then, I cannot image a therapist who would encourage her to produce more children when she has half a dozen at home already.

My third WTF ~ who is paying the bills now and later? Yes, I am becoming one of ‘those people’ and I’m not ashamed of it. Again, I am assuming (obviously I am an ass) but I don’t know very many families who can afford to raise a few children let alone 14. Wow. Perhaps I’m taking all this far too personal but I would have loved to have more children. We have 3 and although I wanted to have at least another baby, 3 was all we could house and cloth and educate at that time. Not to mention we all have only 24 hours a day, trying to find quality time for all 3 wasn’t an easy task. I think it’s extremely important to be room parent, take part in the PTA, coach their soccer or t-ball or swimming team, volunteer in the classrooms, take walks, have picnics, etc.

Perhaps it’s just me but, 6 children are way more than enough.
Someone should have just said no to drugs.

BTW, my father would have kicked my ass for popping out 6 babies in the first place and I’m afraid to even consider the punishment he would have inflicted upon me had I even considered fertility assistance

Okay, enough of my ranting.

I just threw together a page used the Friday Freebie and the sketch template over at Digital Freebies. I’ve been looking for a few more forums to post at but DFF is my favorite. It’s like home. Here’s my LO..

and a few of my Project 365 photos..

As V Day is coming closer and closer, if you are in need of a gift (if I win, I’m gifting myself), pop over to Happy Daisy for the chance to win a super cute hand stamped charm necklace. I love presents.

I’ll be sure to toss a few things together for a freebie by tomorrow and hopefully (cross your fingers), I’ll have my very first real kit ready for release no later than Monday. YaY me!

Ya’ll have a wonderfully weekend.
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This is way too cute..

And you HAVE to watch this one..