Friday, January 23, 2009

Forgiveness Friday and a Little Freebie

Yes, I am seeking forgiveness. I haven't been around for a few days, I haven't forgotten my vows, it's just that my computer and Verizon haven't been very co-operative. I would go into the entire tale of the past few days but, do you really care? I'm sure ya'll have your own stories of bad service and impossible situations. Anyway, I am back. YaY!
( =

I did get some LOs finished. This one, for example, which was posted at DDF..

The others, 3 more, I haven't posted yet so I'll wait before showing them.

I've continued with Project 365. Here are a few photos.

I love Valentine's Day, it's my definitely favorite holiday. This is my first year scrappin' the day and I can hardly wait. I love the hearts, the chocolate, the cards, the flowers, the sweet little gifts. I love it all. So, because I love this special day so much, I'm starting on it now and I made something especially with you in mind. ( =

Download **Here**