Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday...

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Here in status symbol land
Mothers complain about how hard life is
And the kids just don't understand

I love that song.

Happy Sunday.

What an amazingly glorious day it is here in SoCal. The sun is shining, warming us up against the gently cool ocean breeze keeping us cool. I just love the day after a rain storm. The sky is a beautiful blue filled with white cotton candy clouds.

The hills have come alive in gorgeous shades of green.

This is the ideal afternoon to go picnicking, stroll along the beach, read a book by the pool or even simply sit on the front porch drinking a glass of strawberry lemonade listening to a little John Mayer. Now that’s how I would have liked to have spent my day, instead, I did my grocery shopping. I’ve always done my shopping on Sundays; as far back as I can remember. I hit Ralphs or Vons, Target, Costco and, sometimes, even Michaels. We’d do breakfast or lunch and then stock up for the week. So, today, we headed out for our weekly task, as usual, as did a few hundred other people. Vons was a tad more busy than normal but Costco, Oh. My. Gosh! Complete and total zoo.
I could kick my own ass for going there on a Sunday, but it’s never been this bad before, not even at Christmas. Yuck. We finally finished squeezing in here and oozing out there, then grabbed some Jack-In-The-Box (yes, I know it’s crap food but it’s yum crap food) and headed home where I curled up under my covers (after the provisions had been packed away) with Pooder and my new Scrapbooks, Etc. magazine. Perfect way to end a busy morning.

I haven’t been scrappin’ much the past two days because I’ve been working on a couple Valentine kits. Perhaps I’ve mentioned this before, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Love it. I love Godiva’s chocolates and Stargazers and cute cards with sweet sayings. Needless to say, I’m having a hard time dragging myself away from pink and purple and red hearts. I’ll be giving pieces of it away off and on until the 14th. I just love Valentine’s Day.

I’ll be back with today’s freebie.

Here’s a few of today’s (and yesterday’s) photos.

Okies, here's a goodie for you. I love the look of glitter so I fixed up a few blingies.

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