Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Already?

Happy Wednesday!!
I am super sleepy this morning. Just didn’t seem to sleep well last night, for some reason I couldn’t slip into that deliciously deep slumber that makes all right with the world when I finally emerge refreshed and renewed. No such luck for me this a.m. When all has quieted down around here, most likely I’ll haul my badonkie back to bed. I love my bed. I LOVE it. It’s both soft and firm at the same time, it’s covered with an cozy comforter I could get lost it, 4 spongy pillows are so inviting not to mention my music, movies and magazines (oh my) are within reach. And it smells like lavender. Love it. Definitely going to spend a bit more time there today.

I just finished reading ‘No One You Know’ by Michelle Richmond, who also wrote The Year of Fog last night. Loved it. Loved. It. I loved her vocabulary, exigent and clever but not supercilious. It’s an easy read; I put it away in about a day. Without doubt, a great idea for a beach book. If you haven’t read The Year of Fog yet, grab it, it’s another good one.

I haven’t been posting too many layouts lately because I am working with Polka Dot Plum on the new opening so all layouts are awaiting for that. Also, we’re on week 3 of the BOTCT which is going to be a tough one and there’s a few new kits being released soon. Good thing I thoroughly enjoy putting together layouts.

This page and the one below were my entries for the BOTCT

And this page was made with Serendipity by Karen Lewis and it's gorgeous. Beautiful kit.

Well all, I’m going to post, cruise a bit and hit the sheets.

( =