Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did you miss me?

Have you wondered where I’ve been? Yes, I’ve been a tad busy. With Lauren’s wedding going full speed ahead, spraining my ankle (yes, it was, and is, a black and blue mess) and competing for a creative team position over at Digital Candy, I can truthfully say I’ve had my hands full a bit. It’s all worth it in the end, well, except the spraining my ankle part, can’t think of one good thing coming out of that incident. A lot of pain, whining, ice wraps, limping, hopping and begging for a little sympathy (of which I got none, hard audience here). I learned so much through my time spent at DC, I feel I’m a much better scrapper now. When I began scrapping about a year-ish ago and designed all my own papers and elements as well. For quite awhile I thought of myself as a good scrapper but, after being turned down by a couple CT calls, I realized while I was learning to make papers and ribbons and other elements, I wasn’t learning about placement, composition, coloring or any of the newest trends. By not using other people’s kits, I had severely limited myself to a certain style of scrapping. Without the ability to design a vast array of elements, I locked myself into the same old things. By working with the kits of others, I have opened up to the larger world of scrapping. And, I like it. So, there’s definitely good in being turned down by a couple CT calls I wanted, I’m a better scrapper because of it.

BTW, the one call I really wanted, I got. YaY me!! I am a Candy Girl!! I’m so excited!! But, I hide it well, right? He hee he. I love the forum, the challenges, the people are so amazing, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a scrapper in just the month I’ve been there. I’m hoping to learn even more during my 4 months as a CT, perhaps enough to move on up as a designer in training. Wish me luck, and pop over to see what we’ve got.
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Also, I have another bit of news. Starting next Tuesday, May 5th, I will be a challenge hostess over at Digital Freebies. ‘Tuesdays With Tula’ will be a random challenge once a week. Once again, I am super excited. I have tons of ideas and can barely wait to get started. Stop on over to see what I have in store for you.

Are you as eager as I am about this weekend? National Scrapbook Day celebration starts on Friday with lots and lots of fun activities. Be sure to clear some time to get in on all the fun. Here’s the schedule over at Digital Candy…

Pop over and join us. I’ll be looking for you.
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