Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Frickin' Pissed Friday

Yup, I'm sure you guessed by now, I STILL have not received my camera as of yet. Frickin' post office. I can't believe the horrendous service I am getting from these people. My own fault I suppose, I should have taken my butt into town to pick the package up Wednesday. Even though I shouldn't have to, at least I would have my camera by now. Cross your fingers that I actually get it when I go in today. Freakin' people.

I've been posting over at The Digi Chick forum this past week and I really like it. Their challenges are a tad tough for me but that's what I'm in need of, stretching myself. Here's a LO I finished and posted there this morning..

And I never forget my first love, DFF. I purchased the kit Full Circle by Angela Sharrow and Maria LaFrance (and if you remember, I buy very few kits) and it is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Here's the page I posted this morning as well..

I really love scrappin'. Really.

( =