Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and a Freebie

Looky! Looky!
It’s me! With a blog entry longer than three to five lines!

I do apologize once more for being such a horrific blog hostess. As much as I try to keep up, sometimes life just gets too busy. These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of enjoyment, camaraderie, delight and utter exhaustion. It’s been grand although it’s seemed to suck all the energy from my already depleted body. Have you ever been so drained you simply yearn to crawl back under the covers and sob? I’m long past that. I would love nothing more than to grab a Diet Pepsi, load myself up with ibuprofen, grab my pup-pup and lock myself in my room with my book until Sunday. I’d probably need another book though, I’ll take ‘The Fountainhead” and “Handle with Care” as well. Would hate to be without reading material during my quiescence.

So, it’s time for a post and a quality post at that. Two weeks ago my darling daughter came up for the weekend; we hadn’t seen each other since Christmas. Our longest separation ever! We started our time together by heading over for a bit of color and clip at our favorite hair joint. Our hair person is the best ever. It’s always a blast spending time with Debbie (ours) and the ‘girls’. We laugh, we gossip, we emote. It’s everything a stop at the salon should be. Then off to ‘Pick Up Stix’ for lunch. If you haven’t dropped in to PUS (ewwwwwwww, such a bad abbreviation), make a point to. The cream cheese wontons are to die for. Seriously yum. We strolled along the outdoor mall, stopping off at Borders to browse. I love that store. I could spend an entire week or two there easily. Love it. We headed off to the hotel, (I decided we needed to spend a little ‘girl time’ so we spent the night at a hotel). Just as we were about to nap, it was time to head off to dinner. After dinner, which was fun, it was time to see Joel McHale LIVE!!! It was so unbelievably awesome. I love Joel McHale, I watch The Soup religiously and he was even better, and cuter, live. We went back to the hotel, a little chitchat and then both of us passed out. Hit this wonderful café for breakfast with my dad and Lauren’s father. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was fabulous. I loved it. Plus, since I take my camera EVERYWHERE I go, the owner offered to buy my photos. Crazy, huh? Considering he hasn’t seen any of my ‘work’. Who knows, this could be my big break. Another Grandma Moses in the making.

After the nosh, my baby girl met her fiancé and trekked down to Santa Barbara to peek at a wedding location. Finally, after a few years (yes, YEARS) of looking, they have decided on a place and date. June 20th. I’m not in a hurry to see her married off and I am glad she has waited. We’ve already purchased her wedding gown, which is absolutely breathtaking so all we really need to do is have it fitted. I’m thankful she’s going for a small ceremony and a simple dinner or I don’t know what I’d do. This wedding I can afford, too much bigger and I’d be on the corner with a cup.

It took me all week to get over the time spent with my only girl child when Steven, my youngest, called for a road trip down to Riverside County to see Lauren. Wow, to see my dd back to back weekends. Awesome. Saturday morning we hit the highway for two plus hours and it was delightful. I relish spending time with my children. Even in the car. In Traffic. For three hours. It’s a wonderful experience to have access to their thoughts, feelings, dreams. I am so lucky to have such fantastic offspring. I absolutely adore them.

Once there, Lauren dragged me to the market, to Target and to an auto parts store. After lunch, she coerced me into taking the dogs for a walk and it was a wonderful/horrendous experience. She lives in a gorgeous house up on a hill surrounded by magnificent scenery. It’s enormously glorious. That’s the wonderful part; we were engulfed in splendid colors in the form of flowers and trees. The horrendous part, we walked down and up hills and hills and hills. My knees were on fire. My legs were trembling and I was a humongous sweaty mess. Yuck. But, I did it. Of course, I haven’t been able to walk since but I definitely did something I didn’t think I would be able to do. Go me!

It was so much fun. I had the best time. Now I’m trying to regulate myself back to a little normalcy but I am pooped. I would love to spend the day in bed but someone’s gotta clean this dump. And someone is me.

I did get a few layouts finished I haven’t posted, so here they are. Also, I do have a new kit coming out this Friday, inspired by Jo’s challenge over at Digital Freebies and I do apologize to her for not getting her participation goodie out yet. I’m sorry. Soon.

BTW, I have a freebie for you all for being so patient with me, just a little word art.


Download *here*

Okay, I’m off for a bit.
Lots of love
( =


Jo on March 25, 2009 at 11:08 AM said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! What fun, to just hang out with your children. That's cool that that guy wants to buy your pictures too. Who would have seen that coming?

Ooo a kit inspired by my challenge? I can't wait to see what it is. :-D

Love the layouts, especially the black and white one. Good to see you back!