Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deju Vu All Over Again

I wake up early, between 4 am and 6 am but I usually stay in bed until 6:30ish. This morning at 4:30 it was raining, coming down in cupfuls. Knowing my trepidation of lightning, I figured I’d sleep in and snuggled back under the covers. By 6:30, the deluge had ended, even though I had decided not to walk, I was having second thoughts. Once I get with a program, I hate any interruption. So, I drank my coffee, slid on my walking clothes (yes, I have special sweats for walking), grabbed my camera (I never learn) and plod out the door through puddle after puddle.

Before I go any further perhaps I should explain a few facets of my personality. Of course, this is coming from my own point of view, but who knows me better than me anyway? If I think I’m right, I can be extremely persistent and stubborn. If I am not doing anything wrong, I am within my rights and I like what I’m doing, I can dig in pretty darn far. Normally, I’m a giving, sharing, kind, understanding person. I say please, thank you and excuse ALL the time. More than anyone else I know. I smile a lot, I laugh all the time and I give people the benefit of the doubt. If you have yet to guess where this story is headed, here we go..

I started my walk armed as always, with my camera but this time I decided to try my luck with the opposite direction. Before I even slogged halfway, I was being confronted by a large blue vehicle from which two LARGE uniformed men popped out of. All I could think of was, here we go again. These two were a tad more gruff than the last two either that or I have bluffed up quite a bit since yesterday thus appearing to be a danger to them. One gentleman asked me to stay where I was, at least 10 feet from the truck, and place my camera on the hood of the vehicle. First, I couldn’t reach it if I tried, I do not posses Gumby arms, and, second, his truck is covered in water and I am NOT placed my beloved camera in any puddle of water, no matter how small. I would go through the entire spiel but just reread yesterday’s post in a deeper, grouchier voice. I suppose I look like such a threat they approach me with caution. Once I showed them my ‘surveillance’ photos, they relaxed, even broke a smile or two and became apologetic. These two, for some reason, needed to call a superior officer, I’m moving up on the threat list it seems. Their SO was a doll. He was chuckling at the situation as he pointed out the photos he’d have to delete because I captured their flight path. I have no clue what that means. Anyway, after 15 to 20 minutes-ish, I was on my way again, telling them I was sure I’d see them tomorrow. They actually laughed.

Arriving home, I told my tale to my oldest (who moved out last week but is home AGAIN to do laundry, watch tv, eat and annoy me) who suggests I stop carrying the camera. I have lived here for 30 years, I have walked that same path off and on over those years, I’m not doing anything wrong. I understand we live in scary times, I watch television, I see the news, but I’m not doing anything wrong. I enjoy my walk, I love taking my camera and snapping photos of the birds, the trees, the flowers and anything else that catches my eye. I AM NOT A TERRORIST! Should I have to cease because people who see me with a camera become anxious? I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to stop but I don’t want to deal with this each and every time. It’s ridiculous. Maybe I should buy a t-shirt that proclaims “I am NOT a Terrorist”.

I just want to be able to walk and take my photos.

I was playing with my aperture this morning so not too many of my photos turned out so well anyway. Here’s a few..

I also finished a couple of layouts. This one is a template challenge from Digital Freebies...

This one I put together for a white space challenge over at Brownie Scraps

I'm still working on a few kits, just looking for a store or perhaps I can put one together myself. I promise a freebie on Friday. Come on back and see me.

Smoochie boochies,
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